October 24th is Food Day and Make A Difference Day! We believe firmly that one of the most immediate ways we can make a difference is by examining the food that we purchase, educating ourselves, and changing our buying habits.

“Food Day” was started in 1975 by the Center For Science In The Public Interest (CSPI) for the purpose of raising awareness regarding the industrialization of our agriculture system, rising food prices, and the modern health crisis regarding the typical American Diet. Today, we are seeing much of the same issues, still unchecked.  

“Make A Difference Day” was started in 1992 by USA Weekend, a popular magazine at the time, who suggested that, since 1992 was a leap year, people take the extra day to do something positive for their community. 

Since Food Day and Make A Difference Day coincide this year, we would like to promote the idea that the American Food System is broken in terms of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, overall nourishment, and factual education. You can make a difference today by changing your buying habits to include local food, in support of Nebraska farmers who are cultivating their land and animals responsibly. Our society has become too far removed from the food chain, allowing megacoperate monoliths to take control, even to the degree of creating “modern health thinking” that permeates our media. The first step towards making positive change in the food industry is to shorten the chain – get to know your food suppliers. 

Often, the pet food industry is a reflection of the human food industry. Cooperate giants run the game, with most pet foods on the market being made by the same few companies. True transparency is almost impossible to find because the Wizard of Oz doesn’t want you to see what is going on behind the curtain. There is too much corruption, too much corporate interest. Why else would pet food regulatory law be made behind closed doors, by a private organization (AAFCO) and not part of public record? Why else does FDA stonewall Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for scientific data to support their claims? Because if the chain was shorter, if the consumers saw what was going into food and food law, “the industry” would collapse.

On Food Day and Make A Difference Day, dig deeper into your food – the more knowledge you have, the more of a difference you can make. If you’d like some resources to start with, DM us! We’d love to help you start your educational journey.