Orijen Fit & Trim Cat Food


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Orijen Fit & Trim Cat Food:

Biologically Appropriate™ – For Overweight Cats. Fresh Free-Run Chicken and Turkey, Nest-Laid Eggs, and Wild-Caught Fish. Recommended for overweight cats, Orijen Fit & Trim Cat Food is the perfect solution to help your cat slim down in a healthy way. This new product from Orijen has everything you could want in a weight loss meal: nutrition, natural ingredients, a biologically appropriate formula, limited fat and carbs and an unbeatable flavor. A great variety of six animal ingredients makes up the main ingredients in Orijen Fit & Trim Cat Food, including free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish and nest-laid eggs. Made with 85% meat and 15% fruits and vegetables, there’s no room for grains in this low-carb diet.

Orijen Fit & Trim Cat Food offers your cat a multitude of weight loss benefits. Leading the weight management category of cat foods in meat inclusions, it features 44% protein and zero glutens or plant protein isolates, promoting lean muscle mass. In addition, the healthy fruits and vegetables included like pumpkin, squash, spinach and carrots only offer low-glycemic carbs which release sugar slowly, significantly reducing the potential for fat storage. These soluble and insoluble fibers also support digestive health and give your cat that nice satisfied feeling so she knows it’s time to stop eating. L-carnitine, which helps convert excess body fat into energy, occurs naturally in Orijen Fit & Trim Cat Food as a result of the high meat content.

Orijen operates on the principle that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to your cat’s diet. Like her ancestor, the Near Eastern wildcat, your cat thrives on a diet rich in fresh, whole meats. Orijen Fit & Trim Cat Food is filled with two-thirds fresh or raw meats – the most natural form – and one-third gently dehydrated meats, which offer an exceptionally concentrated source of protein. All of these animal ingredients are provided in wholeprey ratios, meaning every edible nutrient-packed part of the animal is included in the mix. As a result, your cat benefits from the endless natural vitamins and minerals in the organs, bones and meat, just like in the wild.

INGREDIENTS: Chicken, whole egg, whole herring, turkey, chicken liver, whole flounder, whole mackerel, whole pacific hake, turkey liver, chicken heart, dehydrated chicken, dehydrated turkey, dehydrated whole mackerel, dehydrated whole sardine, dehydrated whole herring, dehydrated alaskan pollock, lentil fiber, whole red lentil, whole green lentil, whole green pea, whole chickpea, whole yellow pea, whole pinto bean, whole navy bean, dehydrated chicken cartilage, turkey heart, dehydrated blue whiting, chicken fat, apple fiber, dried algae, dehydrated pumpkin, dehydrated butternut squash, dehydrated carrot, freeze dried chicken liver, freeze dried turkey liver, whole pumpkin, whole butternut squash, zucchini, whole parsnip, carrot, whole red delicious apple, bartlett pear, kale, spinach, beet greens, turnip greens, brown kelp, whole cranberry, whole blueberry, saskatoon berry, chicory root, turmeric root, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rose hip, enterococcus faecium, zinc chelate, copper chelate, choline chloride.

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