LDFC Handmade Cow Heart Jerky


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Our organ meat jerky treats are made by hand at our Midtown Crossing location using grass fed and finished hearts and livers sourced from local Nebraska farms. Adding healthy amounts of organ meat will boost the amount of essential vitamins and minerals, especially B Vitamins (B-12, the main vitamin involved in the metabolization of cells, in particular), and D Vitamins. These vitamins are preserved by our low-temperature dehydration, which is well below the heat threshold for both probiotic bacteria and essential nutrients. ¬†Like with our bakery items, we don’t outsource any part of the process from the sourcing of ingredients to the actual cutting of the meat – everything is done by us, on location.


Meat proudly sourced from Barreras Family Farm in Blair, NE. Visit https://www.barrerasfamilyfarm.com to discover more about their sustainable farming practices!