LDFC Full Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil



Our house brand CBD is derived from organically grown, sustainably harvested hemp from small Colorado farms. CBD helps the body to achieve homeostasis, essentially to bring it back into alignment. This is why it works in a varying range of instances, being used to soothe nerves, joints, digestion, and mental disorders. We add it to bone broth, raw honey, kefir, and serve it plain.

  1. When serving plain, it is best to take right under the tongue, where the mouth is most absorbent – otherwise, most of the CBD will not survive the digestive tract due to the acidic conditions therein, requiring higher, more frequent doses.
  2. If CBD cannot be given under the tongue, pairing it with another food item will give it a much better survivability rate. This is why we pair it with foods like raw honey (also very dense sources of vitamins and healthy sugar), bone broth (which will coat the digestive tract with collagen, supporting the CBD in the same way that it supports our kombucha), and raw kefir (which will buffer it with probiotics and healthy fats).

Serving size – 1-6mg per 10lbs of body weight. Start low and adjust as needed. 1ml = approximately 16mg. 1 dropper = 1ml. Recommend twice a day, delivered directly under the tongue. Do not exceed 70mg within a 24hr period.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Store away from heat, light, and humidity. Keep in original packaging.

Other ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil.