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100% Natural, Free-Range, No Additives, No chemicals, FDA & USDA approved Pig Ears. Human grade processing, free of hormones & antibiotics. Pig Ears offer a long-lasting, satisfying chew. Pig Ears help to reduce tartar and maintain your dog’s healthy teeth and gums. They are fully digestible, low fat, high protein, vitamins and minerals.┬áPlease allow for natural variation. Low moisture content reduces odor when chewed. Please allow for natural variation in dryness, chewiness and crunchiness. Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water.

  • 100% Natural Jumbo Pig Ears – No Additives or Preservatives
  • Oven Baked and Smoked for a Tasty Long Lasting Treat – Promotes Healthy Gums & Teeth
  • Large Jumbo Sized for a Long Lasting Dog Chew
  • FDA & USDA Approved


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