Steve's Real Food

Steve’s Real Food is made at our dedicated facility in Aumsville, OR, under the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry.

All the ingredients are, of course, human quality. The produce is fresh, pesticide-free, and triple-washed to ensure it is clean and wholesome.

In the wild, our pets would get the important minerals found in vegetables from the stomachs and digestive tracks of their prey. Because of this we finely chop the produce, breaking the cell walls to allow the dog or cat to fully digest the nutrients in imitation of nature.  We then mix the vegetables with the meat, finely crushed bone, and our special nutrient blend of superfoods. Once the food is blended, we form it into nuggets or patties and flash freeze the food to –50 Degrees Fahrenheit to lock in freshness, nutrition, and taste.

Heat is the number one enemy of nutrition for pets. The warmer the food, the faster the nutrients degrade, and many nutrients and all enzymes are lost when food heats 117 degrees – making kibble almost nutritionally worthless. Steve’s Real Food is made in a refrigerated facility, and all the meat and vegetables are kept below 27 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

Our food is manufactured under USDA and HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) guidelines on sterilized processing equipment. We take all possible measures to prevent contamination. Every person that enters the facility wears sterilized clothing and footwear, hair nets, and gloves. We do runs of less than 1,000 pounds at a time, which takes a little over an hour per run. We sterilize between each batch, allowing for constant cleaning of the equipment.

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