Jim & Dacia Kearns & family own Nutri Life Pet Products and started the company in 2003 in Huntley, Illinois.

For 20 years, Jim Kearns built a reputation as a respected full line pet food distributor and made many industry wide relationships with pet food manufactures, retail stores, and breeders. Jim was always interested in providing the pet owner with a naturally preserved pet food containing the highest quality USA sourced ingredients. He responded to the consumers needs by creating Nutri Life Pet Products, “Holistic Nutrition for Life”.

Keeping to Jim’s vision, the seven all life stage formulas contain top quality, locally sourced ingredients of fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits; all grown and produced in the USA. Keeping to the all natural theme of “Holistic Nutrition for Life”; Nutri Life formulas contain no corn, no wheat, no soy, and no egg or milk products, and is naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols. A grain free line is also available in three different formulas; Chicken, Fish, and Pork.

Nutri Life Pet Products proudly provides for your dogs needs with the integrity of a family owned company, and manufactured at a USDA inspected plant in Wisconsin.

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