Nutritional Resource

Lymphoma and Other Cancers: Prevention & Management

Canine Lymphoma Cancer is absurdly prevalent in house pets and, in my opinion, is the single most obvious evidence that the animal food industry has failed on a large scale. According to the Veterinary Cancer Society, 1 in 4 dogs will develop cancer at some point, and...

Pickiness – Preventing & Managing Picky Animals

There is a growing epidemic in the pet food world, one that the industry has scrambled to answer for generations, one that has spawned countless new categories of products and demoralized the growing number of pet parents whose animal deals with this condition. It’s a...

Arthritis – Prevention & Management

Arthritis is either joint deterioration (osteoarthritis) or joint inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis). Deterioration is caused when the joint’s cartilage is worn down without being built up - this usually takes a long time, developing later in life, but can also be...

Kidney Failure – Prevention and Management

Kidneys are some of the most important organs in the body. Dealing almost strictly with blood, kidneys control blood pressure, filter out waste and excess water, stimulate red blood cells, and help maintain a proper balance of acids and minerals. Without kidneys, your...

Use Food To Make A Difference

October 24th is Food Day and Make A Difference Day! We believe firmly that one of the most immediate ways we can make a difference is by examining the food that we purchase, educating ourselves, and changing our buying habits.“Food Day” was started in 1975 by the...

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Cow Appreciation Day

To truly appreciate cows, an understanding of what exactly they do for us is crucial. There are a large group of people who seek to demonize the cow, citing a massive toll on the environment as a principal sin of raising livestock. The resources it takes to...

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